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Who made the barrels?
a) The Cobbler
b) The Cooper
c) The Joiner
d) The Blacksmith

Colonist's who were very rich would buy things from a
a) Blacksmith
b) Candle Maker
c) Cooper
d) Silversmith

What shop was like a drug store?
a) The Cobbler Shop
b) The Joiner Shop
c) The Apothecary
d) The Blacksmith Shop

Who made cabinets and furniture?
a) The Cooper
b) The Joiner
c) The Whitesmith
d) The Cobbler

Who made tools and things out of iron?
a) The Blacksmith
b) The Graysmith
c) The Whitesmith
d) The Silversmith

Who made shoes?
a) The Cobbler
b) The Blacksmith
c) The Silversmith
d) The Cooper

Who made things out of tin?
a) The Silversmith
b) The Cobbler
c) The Whitesmith
d) The Cooper

In colonial schools, the teacher was called the
a) The Taskmaster
b) The Meaniemaster
c) The Schoolmaster
d) The Slavemaster

Colonial schoolbooks were called
a) Picture Books
b) Hornbooks
c) Antler Books
d) Thornbooks

What did colonial children not have in their classroom?
a) Hard benches to sit on.
b) Books
c) Fireplace
d) Paper

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