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How do we define a force?
a) Push
b) Pull
c) Gravity
d) All of the Above

A weightlifter lifts a weight over his head with a force of 20 Newtons a distance of 2 meters. How much work did he do?
a) .4 J
b) 4 J
c) 40 J
d) 400 J

What is the unit of measurement for force?
a) meters
b) Joules
c) Newtons
d) tons

A rose plant has been turned on its side. Which of the following best describes what will happen to the plant?
a) The plant does not posses enough forces to live.
b) The plant will lose turgor pressure and die.
c) The plant's roots will grow directly downward, and the stems will grow upward to the sun
d) The plant's roots will grow towards the side with the pot, and the stems will grow upward to the sun

Which substance cannot be decomposed into simpler substances?
a) ammonia
b) carbon
c) water
d) glucose

What evidence proves that no work is being done on an object?
a) an object remain stationary
b) an object moves
c) an object has mass
d) an object is rigid

Which situation describes a chemical reaction?
a) Paint drying on a house
b) Sugar dissolving in a glass of tea
c) Nail rusting after it is left out in the rain
d) Crystals forming after water is placed in a freezer

Which molecule in the equation for photosynthesis represents food energy made by plants?
a) carbon dioxide
b) water
c) glucose
d) carbon

As food moves through the human digestive system, which change occurs?
a) a reversible change
b) a physical change
c) a chemical change
d) both a chemical and a physical change

Which of the following is the correct formula for work?
a) work=force x distance
b) work=force/distance
c) work=force + distance
d) work=force-distance

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