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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic that all living things share?
a) made of cells
b) reproduction
c) able to talk
d) using energy

A change in an organism's surroundings that causes it to react is called
a) a response
b) development
c) energy
d) a stimulus

A plant growing toward light is an example of
a) reproduction
b) development
c) a stimulus
d) a response

What are all living things composed of?
a) only one cell
b) at least a trillion cells
c) at least 100 cells
d) one or more cells

What is true of all organisms?
a) organisms grow and develop
b) organisms always shrink and divide
c) organisms always remain the same size
d) organisms grow but never develop

Which of the following characteristics is shared by all organisms?
a) All organisms are composed of two cells
b) all oraganisms have cells that contain DNA
c) all organisms can smell and taste
d) all organisms can move

What is the smallest unit of structure and function in living things?
a) the membrane
b) the metabolism
c) the stimulus
d) the cell

An organism that is only one cell big is called:
a) a onecellular organism
b) a cellular organism
c) a unicellular organism
d) a multicellular organism

What is magnification?
a) the production of offspring by a living thing
b) the ability to make things look larger than they are
c) the ability to make things look smaller than they are
d) an adjustment of brightness for a microscope

Which of the following is NOT a stiumulus that a living thing might sense and respond to?
a) DNA
b) sound
c) hunger
d) light

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