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Law that allows 12 weeks off without pay per year in certain cases to handle special family matters
a) Civil Rights Act
b) Americans with Disabilities Act
c) Equal Pay Act
d) Family and Medical Leave Act

Prohibits employers from not hiring older people simply because of their age
a) Americans with Disabilities Act
b) Age Discrimination Act
c) Equal Employment Opportunity Act
d) Family and Medical Leave Act

Makes discrimination in the workplace illegal when it is based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
a) Equal Pay Act
b) Civil Rights Act
c) Equal Employment Opportunity Act
d) Americans with Disabilities Act

Law designed to help women get equal pay for equal work
a) Equal Pay Act
b) Equal Employment Opportunity Act
c) Americans with Disabilities Act
d) Civil Rights Act

A job in which something is produced by an individual that can easily be counted
a) discrimination
b) employment
c) harassment
d) piecework

Johnson's Warehouse did not want to hire Larry because he was in a wheelchair. Which law is this company violating?
a) Equal Employment Opportunity Act
b) Civil Rights Act
c) Age Discrimination Act
d) Americans with Disabilities Act

Touching, holding, grabbing, and all other unwanted physical contact is which tyoe of harassment?
a) Nonverbal
b) Verbal
c) Physical
d) Non-physical

Which of the following actions would be appropriate if someone was sexually harassed at work?
a) React violently toward the offender
b) Report the offense
c) Shout at the offender
d) Ignore it

EOE means
a) Employers Opportunity Equality
b) Equality of Employees
c) Equal Opportunity Employer
d) Employers Over Employees

Which of the following CANNOT result in higher pay for employees doing the same job?
a) Length of time with company
b) Advanced training
c) Experience in the job
d) Race

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