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In what form of communication does the transmitter utilize printed words?
a) Mass communication
b) Electronic communication
c) Graphic communication
d) Audio

In the communication process, if the transmitter is a computer, the receiver is a:
a) printer device
b) mouse
c) cable
d) keyboard

What type of electronic signal changes strength at the same rate as the input?
a) Video
b) Analog
c) AM/FM
d) Digital

When a message is carried by electrical signals it is a form of:
a) mass communication
b) visual communication
c) audio communication
d) electronic communication

Effective communication involves sending, receiving. and response to:
a) transmission
b) signals
c) channels
d) messages

The type of communication system in which a teacher gives instructions to the class is:
a) people to machine
b) People to people
c) machine to machine
d) machine to people

The successful transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, and writing is known as:
a) Language
b) Messaging
c) communication
d) Information mapping

Sending and receiving messages visually through the use of pictures, symbols, or printed words is:
a) Wave communication
b) telecommunication
c) graphic communication
d) communication technology

At which stage in the communication model is the message converted to graphics and symbols?
a) Transmitter
b) Receiver
c) Encoder
d) Destination

At which stage in the communication model is the message sent out through the airways?
a) Source
b) Decoder
c) Transmitter
d) Receiver

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