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You know a person understands a message if they provide:
a) Input
b) Output
c) Feedback
d) Tranmissions

After a message has been received it must be:
a) Encoded
b) Decoded
c) Retrieved
d) Stored

Information is created by:
a) Encoders
b) Electronic signals
c) Computers
d) People

Which is NOT a transmitter?
a) Telephone
b) Car
c) Printing
d) Radio

Communicating over long distances is called:
a) Machine to machine
b) telecommunication
c) sound wave carriers
d) signal communication

Which is a communication system encoding device?
a) television antenna
b) Telephone
c) VCR
d) Satellite receiver

Which best represents a receiver in the communication system model?
a) satellite transmitter
b) television station
c) Satellite dish
d) video card

The first step in the the process of the communication system is:
a) Storage
b) Designing
c) Encoding
d) Transmitting

Signals which can be transmitted over cables, telephone lines or through the air are:
a) Digital signals only
b) Sound waves
c) Analog signals only
d) Digital and analog signals

In order for a transmitted message to be understood, you must have a:
a) Receiver
b) Transmitter
c) Source
d) Decoder

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