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Large corporations that have operations in several countries.
a) Labor Force
b) Multinationals
c) Mini-Nationals
d) Joint Venture

Midsize or smaller companies that have operations in foreign countries.
a) Mini-Nationals
b) Apple
c) Nike
d) Multinationals

Factors that affect a global environmental scan include:
a) Political and Economic
b) Socio-cultural
c) Technological
d) All of the above

Political factors include:
a) Government Stability
b) Trade Regulations and Agreements
c) Any other laws that impact a company's operations.
d) All of the above

All of the following are economic factors that affect a global environmental scan except:
a) Infrastructure
b) Language
c) Taxes
d) Labor Force

All of the following are socio-cultural factors that affect a global environmental scan except:
a) Language
b) Religious Observances
c) Employee Benefits
d) Holidays

When considering the technological factors that affect a global environmental scan, the following should be considered:
a) Use of computers and fax machines
b) Use of voicemail
c) Use of wireless phones
d) All of the above

Selling the same product and using the same promotion methods in all countries
a) Adaptation
b) Globalization
c) Customization
d) Global Scan

Company's use of an existing product or promotion from which changes are made.
a) Customization
b) Global Scan
c) Adaptation
d) Economic Indicators

Involves creating specially designed products or promotions for certain countries or regions.
a) Standard of Living
b) Customization
c) Globalization
d) Infrastructure

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