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Cyclic Vs. Nocyclic Change. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What is an event?
a) A sporting game
b) Major act of change
c) Minor act of change
d) Predictable

What is density?
a) mass/volume
b) volume/mass
c) energy/calorie
d) calorie/energy

What does extrapolate mean?
a) graph your data
b) assign your data
c) predict an extend your data
d) massage your data

What is a cyclic change?
a) Not predictable
b) predictable
c) Varies
d) occurs very rarely

What is hydrology?
a) Study of Rocks
b) Study of the atmosphere
c) Study of water
d) Study of wind

What is a noncyclic change?
a) predictable
b) not predictable
c) generally not dangerous
d) no such thing

This variable goes on the X axis
a) dependent
b) independent
c) factual
d) original

Thei sthe study of the earth
a) hydrology
b) astronomy
c) geology
d) meteorology

This is what makes pollution dangerous
a) concentration of the substance
b) color of the substance
c) hardness of the substance
d) cost of the substance

What is dynamic equilibrium
a) earth keeping out of balance
b) earth maintaining balance
c) earth eliminating change
d) earth cycling change

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