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Where does all of the energy found on Earth come from?
a) the moon
b) cyanobacteria
c) the sun
d) plants

What is conduction?
a) temperature gradient
b) spontaneous combustion
c) thermal radiation
d) transfer of energy between two bodies of matter in direct contact

Convection occurs when...
a) heat energy is transferred by the movement of matter
b) the moon is full
c) atoms create a new element
d) electromagnetic radiation strikes the Earth

Weather describes...
a) over-abundant rainfall
b) the state of the atmosphere
c) when latent heat energy is carried out into the atmosphere
d) global warming

How would you describe Nevada\'s climate last year?
a) wet and hot
b) cold and wet
c) cold and dry
d) hot and dry

Wind is created by...
a) storms
b) the moon
d) areas of high and low air pressure

Where is the ozone layer found?
a) ionosphere
b) exosphere
c) stratosphere
d) troposphere

Which of these changes would most likely result in a temporary decrease in average surface temperatures on Earth?
a) a significant increase in decomposer bacteria
b) a large increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
c) a significant amount of continental ice melting into ocean water
d) a major volcanic eruption releasing significant amounts of ash

Which two phenomena most directly cause storms to move from west to east over the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the Great Basin Desert?
a) the rotation of Earth on its axis and fluctuations in Earth\'s magnetic field
b) uneven heating of Earth\'s surface and the rotation of Earth of its axis
c) fluctuations in Earth\'s magnetic field and the tilt of Earth on its axis
d) the tilt of Earth on its axis and the uneven heating of Earth\'s surface

Why would you find more solar radiation at the equator rather than the poles?
a) Because of the rotation of Earth
b) Because more solar radiation directly hits the Earth at the equator
c) Because of the sun\'s position in the solar system
d) Because of Earth\'s magnetic field

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