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What is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in water?
a) 2:1
b) 1:2
c) 4:3
d) 5:2

When water molecules stick to themselves to form droplets we call it?
a) cohesion
b) adhesion
c) capillary action
d) high heat capacity

Water molecules are bipolar molecules which means that?
a) The oxygen has a slightly negative charge, while the hydrogens have a slightly positive charge.
b) The oxygen end and hydrogen ends are slightly positive.
c) Oxygen and hydrogen ends are slightly negative.
d) Hydrogen ends are slightly negative while oxygen is slightly positive.

Plants rely on what special property of water to get water from their roots to their leaves?
a) capillary action
b) high heat capacity
c) adhesion
d) cohesion

What two subatomic particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
a) protons and neutrons
b) neutrons and electrons
c) electrons and protons
d) electons and monomers

What special property of water keeps it from heating too quickly?
a) high heat capacity
b) adhesion
c) cohesion
d) capillary action

How many valence electrons does carbon have?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 5

What type of bond is it when electrons are transferred?
a) ionic
b) double
c) peptide
d) covalent

If sugar is dissolved in water, water is the _____?
a) solvent
b) solute
c) solution
d) mixture

Carbon dioxide is made of what elements?
a) carbon and oxygen
b) oxygen and calcium
c) nitrogen and carbon
d) carbon and hydrogen

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