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To claim land for their country, what did early explorers do?
a) plant their country's flag
b) post the information on a billboard
c) post it on facebook
d) none of these

The search for a new trade route to America
a) began the Age of Exploration
b) began the Age of Enlightenment
c) began the use of the internet
d) none of these

The magnetic field of the Earth
a) makes a compass work
b) prevents a compass from working properly
c) messes up your computer
d) hmmmmmm, can I phone a friend????/

Sailors used astrolabes to tell them
a) the position of the Sun and stars
b) location of line of latitude
c) help figure the time of sunrise and sunset
d) all of these

Eurpoean explorers called the Americas
a) the New World
b) Canada
c) India
d) United States of America

a) help archaeologists learn about the past
b) a handmade tool that can be studied
c) something found at an archeological dig
d) all of these

Many European explorers wanted to spread their religious beliefs.
a) True
b) False
c) hmmmmmm----can I get back to you tomorrow????
d) What was the question????/

Potatoes and squash were foods that came from
a) the Americas
b) England
c) India
d) Australia

Crops that are sold for money are called
a) cash crops
b) animal food
c) salad bar
d) famer's market

Which group of people built an important center of culture and learning in Spain?
a) Muslims
b) archeologists
c) politicians
d) conquistators

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