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Involves a break with past experiences and the learning of new values and norms.
a) resocialization
b) self-esteem
c) desocialization
d) socialization

Allows us to anticipate what others expect of us and to see ourselves through the eyes of others
a) playacting
b) roleplaying
c) socializaiton
d) isolation

Influence on an individual's personality determined by presence and number of brothers and sisters.
a) sibling rivalry
b) birth order
c) temperment
d) personality

Influential agent of socialization that includes television, newspapers and films.
a) mass media
b) telepathy
c) brainwashing
d) primary

The most important agent of socialization in almost every society is the
a) family
b) friends
c) mass media
d) boyfriend/girlfriend

Specific individuals, groups and institutions that provide the situations in which socialization can occur.
a) agents of socialization
b) the social self
c) cultural environment
d) agents of heredity

Primary group composed of people of roughly equal age and social characteristics.
a) the school
b) peer groups
c) mass media
d) family

Setting in which people are isolated fromt he rest of society for a set period of time and are subject to the control of others.
a) resocialization
b) the school
c) total institution
d) cultural environment

Our conscious awareness of possessing a distinct identity that separates us from other members of society.
a) self
b) sociobiology
c) aptitude
d) heredity

Focus is on the couple
a) traditional dating pattern
b) contemporary dating pattern

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