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What is a theory?
a) Tested over a period of time with same results
b) An educated guess
c) The metruic system
d) organized procedure

What is a hypothesis?
a) Gathering of information
b) Observations made during experiemnt
c) Summary of results
d) Proposed solution to a problem

What is the first step in the scientific method?
a) Gather information
b) Identify the problem
c) Analyze results
d) Design an experiment

What is the purpose of an experiemnt?
a) Excuse to buy fancy lab coats
b) Test your problem
c) Test your hypothesis
d) Design a conclusion

What is the metric system based on?
a) Ten
b) Twenty
c) One
d) Five

What does kilo mean?
a) 1/1000
b) 1/100
c) 100
d) 1,000

One cubic centimeter equals
a) 1 milliliter
b) 1 centimeter
c) 1 liter
d) 1 gram

These are observations
a) Data obtained by using your senses
b) Data obtained by wild guesses
c) Data obtained by educated guesses
d) Data obtained form statisical analysis

What are ethis in science
a) Reporting accurate data
b) Reporting data that proves your hypothesis
c) Reporting data similar to other scientists
d) Reporting data based on funding

What is a variable
a) What controls the experiemnt
b) What affects the experiemnt
c) What happens during the experiemnt
d) What concludes the experiemnt

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