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Who is the editor of the local newspaper?
a) Atticus Finch
b) Mr. Raymond
c) Mr. Underwood
d) Heck Tate

Who is married to an African-American woman and is assumed to be a drunk?
a) Tom Robinson
b) Mr. Underwood
c) Uncle Jack
d) Mr. Raymond

Who is Zeebo?
a) Calpurnia's son
b) Reverend Sykes's brother
c) Tom Robinson's son
d) Mr. Raymond's son

Which character runs away from home?
a) Walter
b) Jem
c) Scout
d) Dill

Who is the religious leader at First Purchase Church?
a) Father Skyes
b) Father Skye
c) Reverend Sykes
d) Reverend Skye

Who is accused of raping Mayella Ewell?
a) Tim Johnson
b) Bob Ewell
c) Dolphus Raymond
d) Tom Robinson

Who is the seemingly laid back judge appointed to Tom Robinson's case?
a) Judge Tyler
b) Judge Taylor
c) Judge Tiber
d) Judge Judy

Who is the first person to sit on the witness stand?
a) Mayella Ewell
b) Tom Robinson
c) Heck Tate
d) Judge Taylor

Whose actions lead Mr. Cunningham to disperse the lynch mob?
a) Scout's
b) Jem's
c) Atticus's
d) Mr. Underwood's

Who is Tom Robinson's wife?
a) Helen
b) Ellen
c) Haley
d) Enya

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