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A business owned by one person
a) producer
b) procedure
c) partnership
d) proprietorship

The operating procedures for a corporation
a) policies
b) procedures
c) corporate bylaws
d) articles of incorporation

Guidelines used in making consistent decisions are called
a) policies.
b) procedures.
c) goals.
d) codes of ethics.

People who make the major policy and financial decisions for a corporation
a) shareholders
b) corporate officers
c) board of directors
d) general partners

A convenience store is this type of business
a) producer
b) extractor
c) intermediary
d) service business

A furniture factory is this type of business
a) producer
b) intermediary
c) service business
d) farmer

A business owned and controlled by two or more people who have entered into a written agreement
a) proprietorship
b) partnership
c) corporation
d) service business

A written contract granting permission to operate a certain type of business in a certain way
a) service contract
b) bilateral contract
c) incentive contract
d) franchise

A dentist's office is this type of business
a) professional
b) service
c) extractor
d) producer

Descriptions of the way work is to be done.
a) policies
b) procedures
c) bylaws
d) code of ethics

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