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Which of the following ecosystems can be found in Missouri?
a) Forest
b) Pond
c) Grassland
d) All of the above

______________ is an ecosystem in which trees are the major plant life form.
a) Pond
b) Forest
c) Lake
d) Grassland

In which ecosystem can you find deer, bears, and hawks?
a) Forest
b) Lake
c) Grassland
d) Decaying tree

__________ is an ecosystem that has wide, windy stretches of flat rolling land with many different grasses.
a) Forest
b) Grassland
c) Pond
d) Jungle

Which water ecosystems can be found in Missouri?
a) oceans, rivers, streams
b) lakes, seas, and ponds
c) ponds, rivers, and lakes
d) ponds, oceans, and bays

In which ecosystem can cows, horses, snakes, and mice be found?
a) Forest
b) Rivers
c) Ponds
d) Grasslands

Which of the following ecosystems need rain?
a) Ponds
b) Grasslands
c) Forests
d) All of the above

What do all ecosystems have incommon?
a) water and sunlight
b) sunlight only
c) water, air, and sunlight
d) none of the above

In which ecosystem can you find algae, lily pads and cattails?
a) Water ecosystem
b) Forest Ecosystem
c) Grassland Ecosystem
d) None of these

How do animals interact with more than one ecosystem?
a) They may find food in one ecosystem and water in another.
b) They may find food in more than one ecosystem.
c) They move throughout different ecosystems.
d) All of these

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