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What type of molecule is an enzyme?
a) Carbohydrate
b) Lipid
c) Protein
d) Nucleic Acid

What are enzymes made of?
a) monosaccharides
b) amino acids
c) fatty acids
d) nucleotides

What is the function of enzymes in living things?
a) they catalyze chemical reactions
b) they store energy for long periods of time
c) they store and transmit hereditary information
d) they provide structure and support

Enzymes speed up chemical reactions by
a) producing more substrate molecules
b) getting consumed in the reaction
c) creating heat energy
d) lowering the activation energy of the reaction

The molecules on which an enzyme acts is called a(n)
a) product
b) substrate
c) enzymatic molecule
d) substituent

The part of an enzyme to which the substrate attaches is called the
a) active site
b) activation energy
c) catalytic converter
d) bonding platform

The relationship between an enzyme and its substrate is often compared to a
a) hammer and nail
b) car and speed bump
c) house and front door
d) lock and key

Which of the following can affect the activity of an enzyme?
a) concentration (amount) of substrate
b) temperature
c) pH
d) all of the above

What does it mean for an enzyme to denature
a) it leaves the body
b) it is no longer organic
c) it loses its shape
d) it works more effectively

The enzyme pepsin works best at a pH of 2. What most likely will happen if pepsin is placed in a solution with a pH of 8?
a) its activity will decrease
b) its activity will increase
c) there will be no change in its activity
d) none of the above

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