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Why do people build communities near water?
a) So they can have fresh water for drinking
b) All of the above
c) To have fresh water for growing crops
d) So they can travel easily by boat

How did people travel long distances when the United States began?
a) By car
b) By trains
c) By planes
d) By horse

Which of the following is true about Natural, Human, and Capital resources?
a) All communities use them in the same way
b) They can be bought
c) They are only found indoors
d) They are used to make goods

Which of the following is NOT a basic need?
a) Food
b) Shelter
c) Water
d) Traditions

The way of life a group of people share is called their
a) Traditions
b) Needs
c) Culture
d) Civilization

Which of the following is NOT an intermediate direction?
a) Northsouth
b) Northeast
c) Southeast
d) Northwest

What is geography?
a) A culture\'s special way of doing things
b) The growing of crops and raising of animals
c) One of seven large areas of land on Earth
d) The study of people, places, and Earth

The skills, knowledge, and hard work that people bring to their jobs are called
a) Culture
b) Human Resources
c) Capital Resources
d) Natural Resources

The water, soil, air, and living things around us is called our
a) Environment
b) Agriculture
c) Civilization
d) Culture

What is a civilization?
a) The things people must have in order to live
b) The way of life a group of people share
c) A group of people who live together with a shared culture, including writing, agriculture, science, and art
d) A shape or feature of Earth’s surface

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