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What is an enzyme?
a) Molecule that speeds up an reaction by breaking molecules or combining molecules
b) A type of carbohydrate with lots of energy
c) Part of the cell where photosynthesis takes place
d) another name for Glucose

What is a substrate
a) The molecule(s) that fits into and is changed by the enzyme
b) A molecule that speeds up chemical reactions
c) The part of the plant that allows Carbon Dioxide to enter and Oxygen to leave
d) A type of polysaccharide

What are the two ways a enzyme can become denatured?
a) Change temperature and pH
b) Change pH and the amount of the substrate
c) Change the temperature and the amount of water
d) Change the ATP and pH

Which of the following is not an Enzyme
a) Sucrose
b) Amylase
c) Polymerase
d) Lactase

What is the main function of Carbohydrates
a) Quick energy
b) Speed up chemical reactions
c) Build strong muscles
d) Capture the sun's energy

Which of the following are the 3 main types of Carbohydrates
a) Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides
b) Amylase,Catalase, Polymerase
c) Glucose, Carbon Dioxide, Water
d) Starch, Glucose, and Enzymes

Which type of Carbohydrate has the most energy?
a) Polysaccharides
b) Disaccharides
c) Monosaccharides
d) They all have the same amount of energy

Which carbohydrate has the least amount of energy
a) Glucose (monosaccharide)
b) Sucrose (disaccharide)
c) Starch (polysaccharide)
d) All have the same amount of energy

Glucose and Fructose are both monosaccharides but they have different Functions, why?
a) The structure determines the function
b) The function determines the structure
c) One is made up of one sugar, the other is made up of two sugars
d) One is made by plants, and the other is made by humans

Which molecule is considered a complex carbohydrate
a) Polysaccharide
b) Monosaccharide
c) Disaccharide
d) Enzyme

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