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What is the purpose of Photosynthesis
a) To use the sun\'s energy to turn Carbon Dioxide and Water into Glucose and Oxygen
b) To break down Carbon Dioxide and Water for Energy
c) To use the sun\'s energy to turn Glucose and Oxygen into Carbon Dioxide and Water
d) To break down Gluocose and Oxygen into Energy

Another name for an organism that can make it's own food
a) Autotroph
b) People
c) Consumer
d) Heterotroph

What is the role of the Stomata in a plant?
a) Let Carbon Dioxide in and Oxygen out
b) Its the place where photosynthesis occurs
c) let water in and glucose out
d) let Oxygen out and Carbon Dioxide in

Where does Photosynthesis take place?
a) In the Chloroplast
b) In the stomata
c) In the cytoplasm
d) In the Mitochondria

What are the products of Photosynthesis
a) Glucose and Oxygen
b) Water, Oxygen and ATP
c) Glucose and Carbon Dioxde
d) Carbon Dioxide, Water, and ATP

What is the reason that organisms go through cellular respiration?
a) To break down food molecules and oxygen to get energy to live
b) To get rid of Carbon Dioxide in our body
c) So the organism can breath
d) To make glucose and oxygen

What part of the cell does cellular respiration take place in?
a) Mitochondria
b) Stomata
c) ATP
d) Glucose

What are the products of Cellular Respiration
a) Carbon Dioxide, Water, and ATP
b) Glucose and Oxygen
c) Oxygen, Glucose and ATP
d) Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen

What are the raw materials of Cellular Respiration
a) Glucose and Oxygen
b) Carbon Dioxide and Water
c) Glucose and Carbon Dioxide
d) Water and Oxygen

How are Cellular Respiration and Photosynthesis Related?
a) Raw materials for C.R. are the products of Photo. and raw materials of photo. are products of C.R.
b) They both happen in the Chloroplast
c) They both take place in Mitochondria
d) They both take place in all organisms.

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