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Green plants are producers meaning they can make their own__________________.
a) dirt
b) blood
c) veins
d) food

Photo mean light. Synthesis mean _________________.
a) combine
b) glucose
c) water
d) food

Leaves contain a natural chemical called:
a) oxygen
b) carbon dioxide
c) chlorophyll
d) autotroph

Plants breathe carbon dioxide in and breathe out_______.
a) dirt
b) oxygen
c) water
d) transpiration

Plants take carbon dioxide from the air. One of the most common sources of this gas is:
a) cars and trucks operating
b) all of the above
c) human and animals breathing
d) volcanoes erupting

Chlorophyll is a natural chemical that turns leaves in many plants this color.
a) red
b) blue
c) yellow
d) green

It is possible to grow a 100-pound pumpkin in Alaska because:
a) The soil is rich
b) the cold air
c) The areas that have up to 24-hours of sunlight in the summer
d) Alaska receives above average rainfall

The process of photosynthesis is so important because
a) It ensures plants grow healthy and strong
b) It gives plants the green color
c) It enables plants to release the oxygen we need to breathe
d) all of the above

During Canadian winters plants and trees do not photosynthesize because of limited access to water and light.
a) True
b) Always false
c) Sometimes true
d) False

We need to ensure plants have access to light because they are essential to our survival. Plants help us:
a) Have food to eat
b) Produce materials for clothing
c) Produce oxygen for breathing
d) All of the above

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