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A characteristic of simple memorandums written by apparel store employees is that they usually are
a) internal audience.
b) board of directors
c) planning committee
d) group of suppliers

Apparel store employees who participate in group discussions should present their ideas and opinions in
a) written format
b) assertive manner
c) argumentative way
d) nonverbal style

Putting forth effort in order to understand what is being said is called
a) communication.
b) active listening
c) listening.
d) nonverbal communication

Which of the following is a marketing activity that clothing stores should coordinate with distribution
a) Management
b) Purchasing
c) Promotion
d) Organizing

What might result if a shoe manufacturer begins to sell directly to large retailers rather than through
a) Horizontal channel conflict
b) Vertical channel conflict
c) Exclusive distribution
d) Reverse distribution

Accessory businesses that implement slotting allowances to distribute products make it difficult for
a) large companies to reduce their competition
b) small companies to compete in the marketplace
c) manufacturers to meet customer demand
d) intermediaries to make a reasonable profit.

An advantage of using satellite tracking technology in distribution is that it enables clothing manufacturers
a) analyze the contents of packages.
b) know where shipments are at all times
c) reroute deliveries based on weather conditions.
d) obtain information about competitors

What distribution channel is most often used to distribute consumer goods?
a) Producer to consumer
b) Producer to apparel retailer to consumer
c) Producer to wholesaler to apparel retailer to consumer
d) Producer to agent to wholesaler to apparel retailer to consumer

Determine whether the following statement is true or false: Distribution can affect the success of an
a) True, effective distribution decreases capital investment
b) True, products must be at the right place ct the right time.
c) False, distribution is only one small part of marketing.
d) False, quality products will succeed regardless of distribution.

In order for a contract between two parties to be legally binding, one party must make an offer and the_____provision.
a) competent parties
b) agreement
c) legality
d) consideration

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