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Which person is most likely to vote in the next election?
a) Markala is a 45 year old college graduate. She is registered to vote.
b) Monte is an 18 year old high school graduate. He is registered to vote.
c) Marisol did not finish college and doesn't care about the election.
d) Michael is a 25 year old unregistered voter.

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a third party?
a) They are only for liberal voters.
b) They rarely win.
c) They focus on one issue.
d) They revolve around a political personality.

The number of electors a state gets in the Electoral College is the same as a state's ___.
a) judges
b) land owners
c) senators
d) congressional representation

I would like to know what the Democrats believe about the economy and the environment. Where could I go to find this information?
a) party platform
b) party book
c) party papers
d) party notes

Which of the following is NOT a similarity of all political parties?
a) They try to appeal to moderates
b) They have more experience
c) They help candidates win
d) They want to change public policy

Channel 12 News will air a debate between two Presidential candidates. What role is this news channel playing in the election process?
a) collect donations
b) monitor officeholders
c) publish editorials
d) broadcast different points of view

Ms. Nelson held a fundraising event for the Republican candidate. These events are necessary because of _____.
a) equally divided money
b) influence of lobbyists
c) high campaign costs
d) expensive registation fees

A candidate for national office often appeals to the most citizens by ___.
a) holding moderate views
b) leading activist groups
c) meeting with diplomats
d) belonging to 3rd parties

A group of people that have similar beliefs about how the government should be run is known as ____.
a) a political party
b) a judicial party
c) the Supreme Court
d) the Electoral College

Dina wanted to make an informed decision so she carefully watched both candidate's T.V. commercials. Which of the following is NOT one of the strategies for evaluating campaign material?
a) detect bias
b) separate fact from opinion
c) look for electors
d) recognize propaganda

A majority of voters in the the 2012 general election voted for President Obama. At the Electoral College, all of Virginia's electors also voted for President Obama. What can best describe this?
a) winner-take-all system
b) naturalization system
c) vote grabbing
d) judicial method

Which of the following is not a way that the media effects the public agenda?
a) The media counts votes.
b) The media identifies candidates.
c) The media monitors officeholder's actions.
d) The media provide a form for different points of view

Sanjay needs to register to vote. Where should he go?
a) Department of Motor Vehicles
b) The grocery store
c) The Health Department
d) The police department

Political parties are organized to win elections, mainly because they want to increase their influence over public _____.
a) policy
b) laws
c) platforms
d) meetings

Which of the following is NOT an example of the media?
a) text book
b) newspaper
c) television
d) computer with internet

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