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In the beginning of the book, why is there snoring during Officer Buckle's speech?
a) It is late at night.
b) The students are really sleepy.
c) The speech is very boring.

What does the word commands mean?
a) orders you have to follow
b) to look and see
c) to follow the rules

Why does Officer Buckle think children are cheering for him?
a) He is smiling a lot
b) He is speaking with lots of expression.
c) He is giving such good safety tips.

Why does Officer Buckle's phone start ringing so much?
a) People want to see Gloria.
b) There is so much crime in their town.
c) He has made so many friends.

What genre is this book?
a) Biography
b) historical fiction
c) Fantasy

How does Officer Buckle learn about what Gloria really does at his speeches?
a) Someone told him what had happened.
b) He sees himself on the news.
c) Someone takes a picture.

How does Officer Buckle feel after he sees the news?
a) foolish
b) happy
c) tired

What does Gloria do without Officer Buckle?
a) She gives a great speech.
b) She decides not to go without him.
c) She lays down and falls asleep.

When does Officer Buckle begin giving speeches again?
a) After Gloria begs him to come back.
b) After Napville School has its biggest accident.
c) Before he treats Gloria to ice cream.

What is the best tip that Officer Buckle gives?
a) Always be careful when standing on chairs.
b) Always stick with your buddy!
c) Never get too close to strangers.

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