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Towns, cities and counties are all units of ____________________ .
a) local government
b) state government
c) national government
d) federal government

The powers of local government can be found in their ____________.
a) charters
b) constitutions
c) magna cartas
d) preambles

Which parts of state government gives local government power?
a) General Assembly and VA Constitution
b) Congress and U.S. Constitution
c) Preamble and Bill of Rights
d) Charters and VA Congress

A city manager or mayor is the head of the ___________________ branch for a city.
a) executive
b) legislative
c) judicial
d) national

Local laws called _____________help cities and towns provide services to communities.
a) ordinances
b) charters
c) judiciary
d) ballots

The local level gives citizens the __________________ of government.
a) most influence
b) least influence
c) most duties
d) least duties

Which of the following is not an elected position on the local level?
a) sherrif
b) governor
c) clerk
d) treasurer

A city has a city council but a county has a _______________________,
a) Board of Supervisors
b) County Council
c) City Manager
d) Mayor

The government may do only those things the people allow it to do is the definition for ___.
a) limited government
b) consent of the governed
c) rule of law
d) representative government

Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the state and local government?
a) conduct foreign policy
b) promote safety
c) educate children
d) collect taxes

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