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The penguin cleaned its flippers. What are flippers?
a) eyes
b) legs
c) fins
d) toes

My puppy cuddles with me. Cuddles means...
a) curls up close
b) walks
c) goes to school
d) plays

I saw the baby bird hatch. To hatch means to...
a) eat seeds
b) come out of an egg
c) hide under a leaf
d) fly away

The river was frozen. What does frozen mean?
a) iced over
b) full of fish
c) shallow
d) muddy

The bird pecks with his beak. Peck means...
a) digs
b) cleans
c) claws
d) strikes

I want to snuggle together. Snuggle means...
a) read some stories
b) do our homework
c) get warm and cozy
d) bake pies and cakes

Birds preen their feathers. Preen means to...
a) nibble
b) arrange
c) admire
d) shed

The rookery is...
a) where the father penguins gather together to keep warm
b) where the penguins put their eggs
c) where the penguins eat
d) where the penguins swim

The penguins have preditors. Preditors are....
a) animals they play with
b) animals they hunt
c) animals that hunt them
d) their babies

The father stays with the egg because...
a) he is bigger and fatter
b) his feathers keep him warmer.
c) he is a better swimmer
d) he is a better parent

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