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The heart is enclosed in a sac called
a) Pericarditis
b) Heart sac
c) Pericardium
d) Perineum

Blood flows from the left ventricle through the
a) tricuspid valve
b) aortic semilunar valve
c) bicuspid
d) pulmonary semilunar valve

Cardiac output is
a) blood flow through the heart during one complete heartbeat
b) the volume of blood pumped out by one ventricle with each beat
c) the amount of blood pumped out by each ventricle in 1 minute
d) the volume of blood remaining in a ventricle after it has contracted

The second heart sound "dupp" is actually the sound of the
a) atria contracting
b) ventricles contracting
c) atrioventricular valves closing
d) semilunar valves closing

Which of these delivers blood to the left atrium
a) pulmonary arteries
b) superior vena cava
c) pulmonary veins
d) coronary sinus

Pectinate muscles are found in the ____; trabeculae carneae are found in the ___.
a) atrium, ventricles
b) ventricles, atrium
c) aorta, pulmonary trunk
d) superior vena cava, inferior vena cava

An average heartbeat, or cardiac cycle, lasts approximately
a) 8.0 seconds
b) 80 seconds
c) 0.80 seconds
d) .008 seconds

The P wave of the ECG represents
a) ventricular depolarization
b) atrial depolarization
c) ventricular repolarization
d) atrial repolarization

An incomplete interatrial septum is called
a) fossa ovalis
b) ductus arteriosus
c) ligamentum arteriosum
d) foramen ovale

What node typically generates impulses about 75 times every minute
a) Atrioventricular node
b) Purkinje node
c) Sinoatrial node
d) Inguinal node

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