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Why did the male emperor penguin hold his egg on his feet?
a) to carry it to the nest
b) to see how heavy it is
c) to hide it from bears
d) to make sure it is warm

Which of the following facts from the selection is a main idea?
a) The mother penguin traveled for miles to get to the sea.
b) The mother qenguin left the rookery to hunt for food.
c) The mother penguin hunted for krill, fish, and squid.
d) The mother penguin walked or slid along on her belly.

Why was the father penguin better able to stay with the egg than the mother penguin?
a) He was bigger and fatter and could live longer without food.
b) He had thicker feathers, making it easier for him to stay warm.
c) He was faster and stronger and could chase away other animals.
d) He was a better swimmer, makeing it easier for him to hunt for food.

What happened after the egg cracked?
a) The chick began to move inside.
b) The father moved into the huddle.
c) The chick came out of the egg.
d) The mother left the rookery.

The mother penguin probably know when to return to the rookery because she
a) recognized the father's trumpet call.
b) heard the chick whistling to her.
c) realized how long she has been gone.
d) felt the temperature getting colder.

What is one way penguin chicks are different from adult penguins?
a) The chicks did not make any kind of noise.
b) The chicks were not able to eat any food.
c) The chicks were not able to see or hear.
d) The chicks did not have waterproof feathers.

What is the most likely reason the author wrote this selection?
a) to tell an exciting story about penguins
b) to describe how penguins live
c) to compare penguins to other kinds of birds
d) to ask people to help penguins

Which of these would be another good title for the story?

The author probably included the three circled pictures at the bottom of page 159 to show
a) when penguins sleep.
b) how penguins huddle
c) where penguins play
d) what penguins eat.

All birds preen their feathers with their beaks. What does preen mean?
a) nibble
b) arrange
c) admire
d) shed

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