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All waves can be described as having...
a) wavelength
b) frequency
c) amplitude
d) wavelength, frequency and amplitude

Wavelength is a characteristic of which types of waves?
a) sound
b) light
c) seismic and water
d) sound, light, seismic and water

Which of the following waves transfer energy?
a) light
b) sound
c) seismic and water
d) light, sound, seismic and water

When energy changes from one form to another, like when light changes to heat energy- it is known as?
a) transpiration
b) transformation
c) computation
d) respiration

Light waves go into some objects and pass through others. This is known as...
a) absorption and reflection
b) absorption and refraction
c) absorption and transmission
d) reflection and refraction

Which waves move in all directions from the source?
a) light
b) sound
c) water
d) light, sound and water

Light waves can travel through
a) matter
b) air
c) space
d) matter, air and space

Sound waves can travel through
a) air
b) water
c) many solid materials
d) air, water and many solid materials

Sound is a form of energy produced by
a) nuclear reactions
b) fusing atoms
c) vibrations
d) gravity

Energy we can see
a) electrical
b) sound
c) light
d) heat

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