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Which argument did president Abraham Lincoln use against the Secession of the southern states?
a) Slavery was not profitable
b) As the Commander in Chief, he had the duty to defend the United States against foreign invasion.
c) The Southern States did not permit their people to vote on secession
d) The government was a union of people and not of states

Which statement best explains President Abraham Lincoln’s justification for the Civil War?
a) As an abolitionist, President Lincoln wanted to end slavery in the United States
b) To keep the support of Great Britain and France, President Lincoln had to try to end slavery immedia
c) President Lincoln’s oath of office required him to defend and preserve the Union
d) President Lincoln wanted to keep the South economically dependent on the industrial North.

Early in his Presidency, Abraham Lincoln declared that his primary goal as President was to
a) enforce the Emancipation Proclamation
b) encourage sectionalism
c) end slavery throughout the entire country
d) preserve the Union

Before the Civil War, slavery expanded in the South rather than in the North because
a) the Constitution contained a clause that outlawed the importation of slaves into the Northern states
b) geographic conditions in the South encouraged the development of large plantations
c) Northern states passed affirmative action legislation
d) Congress passed a law forbidding slavery in the North

a) slavery was immoral and should be abolished immediately
b) to save the nation, the North should compromise with the South on slavery
c) the Southern states should be allowed to secede
d) sectional differences threatened to destroy the Union

As the Civil War began, President Abraham Lincoln stated that his primary goal was to
a) end slavery
b) preserve the Union
c) increase congressional powers
d) set new national boundaries

Who wanted an end to slavery?
a) Southern politicians
b) northern abolitionists
c) Pro slvery supporters
d) Cotton plantation owners

What was the Emancipation Proclamation
a) A Declaration freeing the slaves
b) A document that gave ex-slaves the right to vote
c) A constitiutional ammendment
d) A speech to honor those who died in the Civil War

Which state was the first to secede from the Union?
a) California
b) Virginia
c) South Carolina
d) North Carolina

Where was Dred Scott from?
a) Arkansas
b) Mississippi
c) Missouri
d) Texas

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