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Each member participating in the project should bring his materials to the meeting
a) each
b) in
c) his
d) no error

The man who you hired to groom the gardens is very meticulous.
a) who
b) you
c) very
d) no error

I know that Mary wishes he was attending the opera with her
a) he
b) was
c) attending
d) no error

We have responded promptly to all inquiries
a) have responded
b) promptly
c) all
d) no error

All employees are encouraged to pledge an amount from his paycheck
a) All
b) employees
c) his
d) no error

That is a program that you should view
a) That
b) that
c) view
d) no error

Anyone of us could be guilty of the crime
a) Anyone
b) of
c) could
d) no error

There is alot of room for improvement.
a) There
b) is
c) alot
d) no error

Can you tell me if this version of the document is the most current version?
a) tell
b) if
c) most current
d) no error

Her ideas seemed more appropriate then his
a) more
b) then
c) his
d) no error

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