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Where do most people in S+E Asia live?
a) near water
b) on mountains
c) in deserts
d) in rainforests

Which of these is NOT a major reason for pollution on the Ganges River?
a) religious ceremonies
b) car exhaust
c) industrial runoff
d) agriculture

Which of these is an example of an ethnic group?
a) Muhammad is a Muslim.
b) Umar is an Arab..
c) Indira is a Hindu.
d) Ngo is a Buddhist.

Reincarnation is a belief shared by Hindus and:
a) Jews
b) Muslims
c) Buddhists
d) Christians

Why is Confucianism more of a philosophy than a religion?
a) His teachings are more related to behavior than to religious ideals.
b) Organized religion is not allowed in China today.
c) Confucius never wrote any of his ideas down.
d) Confucius only believed in one god.

What is a religious group?
a) A group of people with a common belief system.
b) A group of people with the same political leaders.
c) A group of people with the same culture traits.
d) A group of people who live in the same country.

Why are China and India unwilling to reduce their high amounts of air pollution?
a) There are no effective ways to stop air pollution.
b) Citizens in these countries do not care about air pollution.
c) People in China and India are not feeling negative effects of air pollution.
d) They do not want to slow down economic growth.

Which 2 religions are typically blended together in Japan?
a) Buddhism and Shintoism
b) Islam and Hinduism
c) Buddhism and Hinduism
d) Confucianism and Shintoism

Which belief system, that originated in China, has ideas such as the Golden Rule and the 5 Basic Relationships?
a) Confucianism
b) Islam
c) Buddhism
d) Shintoism

Which major religion is practiced by 1 billion Indians today?
a) Islam
b) Sikhism
c) Buddhism
d) Hinduism

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