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Living things do all of the following except
a) make adjustments to nonliving factors around them.
b) maintain a steady internal environment.
c) respond to other organisms.
d) pass an identical genetic code to their offspring for many generations.

What is the basis of the metric measurement system?
a) Its measures are based on divisions that are powers of ten.
b) It is based on European measurement standards.
c) It is the only scientific measurement system.
d) It is based on the wavelength of krypton-86 radiation.

Which of the following correctly sequences the steps of the scientific method?
a) question, observe, explain, design and conduct experiment, collect and analyze data, report findings
b) observe, question, make a testable explanation, experiment, collect and analyze data, state findings
c) form a hypothesis, observe, investigate a testable question, collect and analyze data, state results
d) design and conduct an investigation based on a testable question, form a hypothesis, collect data, state findings

Cougars are predators that often eat weakened or diseased animals. This is a description of the ____ of cougars.
a) Habitat
b) Niche
c) Community
d) None of these

What is “soil type” to an earthworm?
a) Abiotic factor
b) community
c) niche
d) biotic factor

Which of the following would be the easiest way to diagram predatory and parasitic relationships between several species?
a) Food chain
b) Biomass Pyramid
c) Food Web
d) Pyramid of numbers

Which process describes nitrogen fixation?
a) animals eat plants containing nitrogen and return it to the soil through urination
b) bacteria take nitrogen from the air and convert it to a form usable by plants
c) organisms die and are decomposed into ammonia in the soil
d) plants take nitrogen from the air and store it in their roots

What single feature is primarily responsible for the variation of climate in different parts of the world?
a) intensity of wind
b) angle of incoming sunlight
c) length of daylight
d) amount of precipitation

Compare primary and secondary succession. What is the distinction between them?
a) Primary succession is the sequence of species that become established early in a newly colonized area, and secondary successi
b) Primary succession is the establishment of a community in an area with no soil, while secondary succession is the establishme
c) Primary succession is the establishment of a new community in an existing ecosystem that was disturbed, while secondary succe
d) Primary succession is the sequence of plants that colonize a new area, while secondary succession is the sequence of animals

Which characteristic is typical of a k-strategist?
a) short life span
b) generally a small organism
c) produces many offspring
d) lengthy parental care

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