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a slice of meat
a) stache
b) stak
c) steak
d) stake

propelled through the air
a) through
b) thorough
c) threw
d) thru

one plus one equals
a) to
b) toe
c) two
d) too

I will put on a sweater to cover my * arms.
a) bear
b) baar
c) bair
d) bare

We need this money to * candy
a) by
b) bi
c) buy
d) bye

Walk down the street * the library and you will see the school.
a) past
b) pass
c) pest
d) passed

* your hand if you know the answer.
a) Raze
b) Rase
c) Raize
d) Raise

Everyone booed at the wicked * .
a) witch
b) which
c) wich
d) which

I like to read books based on * people.
a) real
b) reale
c) reale
d) reel

I don't know * it is.
a) wear
b) ware
c) we're
d) where

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