Literature Elements And Short Stories Question Preview (ID: 7405)

Covering The Stories: The Necklace The Most Dangerous Game The Adventure Of The Copper Beeches Marigolds The Scarlet Ibis.[print questions]

What type of character is Doodle?
a) main, round, dynamic
b) main, round, static
c) main, flat, static
d) minor, flat, static

Where does the story \'The Most Dangerous Game\' take place?
a) New York City
b) Russia
c) Caribbean island
d) England

What type of conflict was the main conflict in \'Marigolds?\'
a) Person vs. Self
b) Person vs. Nature
c) Person vs. Person
d) Person vs. Society

Sherlock Holmes is
a) a ruthless criminal.
b) a doctor.
c) a famous literary detective.
d) a hunter.

Why did Doodle earn that nickname?
a) He liked to draw.
b) No one would expect much from someone named Doodle.
c) He could tell amazing lies.
d) He ate a lot of noodles.

Which sentence below is an example of simile?
a) Doodle was the craziest brother anyone could have had.
b) The blood-red feathers of the bird dazzled our eyes.
c) We had finally reached the pot of gold.
d) He was as weak as a mouse.

To infer means that you
a) Predict what will happen.
b) Look up words that you don\'t know.
c) React to the story.
d) Make deductions based on evidence and prior knowledge.

When did the climax occur in 'The Necklace?'
a) When they decided to go into debt to pay for a new necklace.
b) When Mde. Loisel lost the necklace.
c) When Mde. Forstier told Mde. Loisel that the necklace was fake.
d) When the ball began.

Who won the game in 'The Most Dangerous Game?'
a) Ivan
b) Whitney
c) Rainsford
d) Zaroff

Which story contained Dramatic Irony?
a) The Most Dangerous Game
b) The Necklace
c) Marigolds
d) The Adventure of the Copper Beeches

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