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What is the one thing in an experiment that is changed?
a) dependent variable
b) constant variable
c) control group
d) Independent variable

Which is used to measure the mass of a book?
a) metric ruler
b) thermometer
c) balance
d) spring scale

The variable that is measured to find the results of your experiment is called?
a) independent variable
b) dependent variable
c) control
d) constant variable

What do we call doing the same experiment over again to see if the results are valid?
a) repeated trials
b) hypothesis
c) control group
d) constant variable

When testing if ice melts better in hot or cold water, what should be the only thing the experimentor changes?
a) the amount of ice
b) the way the temperature is measured
c) the amount of water
d) the temperature of the water

Which should a ruler include to be accurate enough to measure the length of your fingernail?
a) meters
b) kilometers
c) inches
d) millimeters and centimeters

Volume is measured in what unit?
a) meters
b) kilometers
c) kilograms
d) liters

Four seeds were planted in soil. Each seed was placed in a different temperature. What do we call this change?
a) dependent variable
b) control group
c) independent variable
d) constant variable

Which instrument would most precisely determin the mass of a bottle top?
a) metric ruler
b) spring scale
c) graduated cylinder
d) triple beam balance

The best unit of measure for the height of your house would be?
a) kilometer
b) millimeter
c) centimeter
d) meter

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