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Characteristics Of The The Pendulum And The Coriolis Effect. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

The Foucault pendulum provides evidence that the Earth
a) rotates on its axis
b) revolves around the Sun
c) has a spherical shape
d) is inclined on its axis

The best evidence that the Earth rotates is provided by
a) a freely swinging Foucault pendulum
b) the rising and setting of the stars
c) the different phases of the Moon
d) the changing seasons

A Foucault pendulum appears to change its direction of swing due to the
a) spin of Earth on its axis
b) tilt of Earth's axis
c) deflection of Earth's planetary winds
d) movement of Earth in its orbit around the sun

What causes the Coriolis effect?
a) the Earth's rotation
b) the equatorial calms
c) the Earth's revolution
d) high and low-pressure belts

Winds appear to curve toward the right in the Northern Hemisphere. This curving to the right is caused by the Earth's
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) size
d) shape

Which characteristic of the atmosphere is modified most by the Earth's rotation?
a) movement
b) height
c) density
d) composition

The pendulum appears to change its direction of swing because of Earth's
a) rotation
b) revolution
c) force of gravity
d) tectonic plate movement

Winds curve in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere
a) right
b) left
c) north
d) south

Winds curve in this direction in the Southern Hemisphere
a) left
b) right
c) up
d) down

In 1851, this French physicist constructed a large pendulum that always changed its direction of swing at the same rate in a clockwise direction.
a) Jean Foucault
b) Robert Delaney
c) Joe Cirella
d) Jean Lewis

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