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Which is a physical feature found in the NE?
a) deserts
b) plateus
c) plains
d) mountains

What is a glacier?
a) huge, slow-moving masses of ice
b) fertile land
c) open pits cut in the ground
d) an ice skaing rink

Which of the following products comes from Northeast quarries?
a) cheese
b) granite
c) maple syrup
d) paper

Which group formed the first confederation in North America?
a) the Puritans
b) the British
c) the Iroquois
d) the Wampanoag

When did England start eight colonies in the NE?
a) in the 1400s
b) in the 1800s
c) in the 2000s
d) in the 1600s

What is an example of a primary source?
a) a photograph
b) an encyclopedia
c) a painitng by an artist who did not see the event
d) a biography

Which NE city had the largesst immigration center in the US in the early 1900s?
a) Trenton
b) Minneapolis
c) Boston
d) New York City

Who is the author of "America the Beautiful?"
a) Henry Hudson
b) Katharine Lee Bates
c) George Washington
d) Deganawida

Who was an English explorer of the NE coast?
a) Henry Hudson
b) Mr. Zellmer
c) George Washington
d) Justin Bieber

This person came up with a plan for peace for the Iroquois
a) Ms. Proulx
b) Deganawida
c) George Washington
d) Henry Hudson

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