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Muslim culture in North Africa has
a) not been influenced by Western culture.
b) had little cultural diffusion.
c) been influenced by Berbers as well as Arabs and other ethnic groups.
d) been abandoned in favor of traditional ways.

Mansu Musa created
a) a new library.
b) Benin sculptures.
c) Ghana
d) trading ties for Mali.

Traditionally, Africans feel a strong bond to the land where they grow up. In fact, many East Africans consider
a) living in the cities far superior to living in the rural areas.
b) living in the cities better than living outside of Africa.
c) living and working in the cities as a temporary duty.
d) living and working in the rural areas as a temporary duty.

Societies in West Africa value
a) very few other ethnic groups.
b) kinship and extended family.
c) urbanization.
d) new traditions that move away from storytelling.

One environmental challenge facing Africa today is
a) low literacy rates.
b) soil erosion.
c) overcrowed schools.
d) specialized economies.

Which of the following lists is in correct chronological order?
a) Portuguese explored Afica's coast, Europeans settled in Africa, Atlantic Slave Trade began.
b) Europeans settled in Africa; Portuguese explored Africa's Coast: Atlantic Slave Trade began.
c) Europe colonizes Africa; Atlantic Slave Trade begins; Portuguese explored Africa's coast.
d) Portuguese explored Africa's coast: Atlantic Slave Trade begins; Europe colonizes Africa.

Nationalism among African countries in the 1900"s led to
a) peaceful transititons of power from European colonies to African governments.
b) immediate democractic governments in most African countires.
c) conflict, protest, and sometimes war followed by independence from European colinzers.
d) strong leadership among new governments.

How has the United States been influenced by West Africa?
a) Slaves brought their ideas, stories, dances, music, and customs with them.
b) Many early settlers studied the customs of West Africans.
c) More American tourists visit West Africa today than any other foreign region.
d) Slaves brought their books, their art, and many of their personal belongings with them.

Although Ethiopia is close to the Equator, it tends to have mld temperatures because most of Ethiopia is
a) at sea level.
b) on a very high plateau.
c) kept cool by Arctic winds.
d) covered by rainforests.

Which of the following statements BEST describes South Africa?
a) South Africa is diverse in both the people who live there and the rural and urban lifestyles in whic
b) Most people in South Africa are of European descent with very few blacks.
c) All of the Africans who are of European descent in South Africa speak English.
d) Although there are a few large villages and a couple small cities in South Africa, there are no larg

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