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How much is a 25% mark-up on a $200 cost item?
a) $25
b) $100
c) $75
d) $50

What is the % of change: $30 to $36?
a) 25%
b) 6%
c) 12.5%
d) 20%

An ostrich is 108 inches tall. If its shadow is 162 inches, and an emu standing next to it casts a 90-inch shadow, how tall is the emu?
a) 162 inches
b) 194.4 inches
c) 60 inches
d) 90 inches

Two rectangular gardens are similar. The area of the larger garden is 8.28 square meters, and its length is 6.9 m. The smaller garden is 0.6 m wide. Find length of small garden.
a) length = 3.45 m; area = 2.07 square meters
b) length = 3.45 m; area = 4.14 square meters
c) length = 6.9 m; area = 2.07 square meters
d) length = 3.45 m; area = 1.97 square meters

A jet aircraft can fly 2,500 miles in 4 hours. How far can it fly in one hour?
a) 62.5 miles
b) 625 miles
c) 6,250 miles
d) 6.25 miles

A recipe uses 6 cups of cheese to serve 30 people. How much cheese is needed for 50 people?
a) 10 cups
b) 14 cups
c) 22 cups
d) 18 cups

What percent of 286 is 13?
a) 3.7%
b) 6.8%
c) 12.0%
d) 4.5%

You find out that of 36 people on the coach home the ratio of people who felt ill after the scariest ride to people who felt fine was 1:2. How many people felt ill?
a) 12
b) 3
c) 18
d) 6

If 10 minutes talk-time costs $2, how much will 7 minutes cost?
a) $1.40
b) $1.00
c) $1.34
d) $1.04

An old dolphin in a seaworld aquarium catches three times as many fish as a young dolphin at feeding time. The young dolphin catches 8, how many fish does the old dolphin catch?
a) 64
b) 6
c) 16
d) 24

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