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Plants that fix CO2 during the night and carry out Calvin cycle during the day when stomata are closed are called:
a) C3 plants
b) C4 plants
c) CAM plants

Where does the Calvin cycle of photosynthesis take place?
a) stroma of the chloroplast
b) thylakoid membrane
c) cytoplasm surrounding the chloroplast
d) chlorophyll molecule

Why are C4 plants able to photosynthesize with no apparent photorespiration
a) They do not participate in the Calvin cycle
b) they use PEP carboxylase to initially fix CO2
c) they are adapted to cold wet environments
d) they conserve water and exclude oxygen from their tissues

In green plants, the primary function of the Calvin Cycle is to
a) use ATP to release carbon dioxide
b) use NADPH to release carbon dioxide
c) split water and release oxygen
d) construct simple sugars from carbon dioxide

The Calvin cycle requires all of the following EXCEPT
a) carbon dioxide
b) ATP
c) RuBP
d) glucose

All of the following are true EXCEPT
a) thylakoid membranes contain photosynthetic pigments
b) oxygen released during photosynthesis comes from water
c) Glyceraldehyde phosphate is produced only in the light reactions
d) the light reactions provide energy for the Calvin Cycle

In plant cells, ATP is made in resonse to light. An ETC is involved. This ETC is found where?
a) thylakoid membrane of chloroplasts
b) stroma of chloroplasts
c) inner membrane of mitochondria
d) cytoplasm

All of the events listed below occur in the energy capturing light reactions of photosynthesis except:
a) oxygen is produced
b) NADP+ is reduced to NADPH
c) carbon dioxide is incorporated into PGA
d) ADP is phosphorylated to yield ATP

Which of the following products of the light reactions are utilized in the Calvin Cycle?
a) carbon dioxide and glucose
b) water and oxygen
c) electrons and H+
d) ATP and NADPH

Organisms that exist on light and an inorganic form of carbon and other raw materials
a) are called photoautotrophs
b) do not exist in nature
c) are called heterotrophs
d) are best classified as decomposers

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