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How does the speed of music effect your students?
a) Slow music energizes your students.
b) There is no correlation.
c) Fast music energizes your students.
d) Fast music has a calming effect on your students.

Which famous scientist processed information primarily in images?
a) Stacie Reck
b) Bill Nye
c) Dr. Jekyll
d) Albert Einstein

What organ do we primarily use to gather information?
a) eyes
b) ears
c) mouth
d) nose

What part of your brain is used when recognizing patterns?
a) temporal lobe
b) frontal lobe
c) brain stem
d) mendulla oblongata

What is the easiest way to get students to retain difficult information?
a) Music
b) all of the above
c) Rhyme
d) Rhythm

What was the purpose of having Ken come into the classroom dressed up?
a) no effect.
b) wake you up.
c) decrease in epinephrine.
d) increase in cortisol levels.

Name a song that was used in one of the piggy backs?
a) Twinkle twinkle little star
b) Axis Awesome
c) Frere Jacques
d) We are the champions

What effect does music have on the brain?
a) It lights up your brain
b) it makes you hear voices in your head
c) causes brain damage
d) causes a stroke

A picture can mean _________________ words?
a) 2
b) -3
c) 10000
d) 3.141592653

What sayings indicate that we are visual learners?
a) I can picture it.
b) That smells funny.
c) I feel fuzzy.
d) Did you hear that!

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