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What does the term oral history mean?
a) The history of a place or people told by word of mouth
b) Written history
c) History on heiroglyphics
d) HIstory books

What term refers to the situation in which one country tries to control another countires government?
a) nationalism
b) imperialism
c) zulu
d) Great Britian

What does the term nationalism mean?
a) Having pride in one's country
b) Having pride in other countries
c) Being imperlialistic
d) None of the above

What disease had to be treated in order for Europeans to be able to live in tropical areas?
a) West-nile
b) Chicken pox
c) Malaria
d) NOne of the above

At a conference in Berlin, Germany in 1884-1885, what did European leaders decide to end in their colonies?
a) gun trade
b) Exploration
c) Slave trade
d) all of the above

What country other than Liberia remained free of European control in Africa?
a) Ethiopia
b) Nigeria
c) Zambia
d) Angola

What did Europeans build in Africa besides roads in order to aid in transportation?
a) Railroads
b) Airplanes
c) Yachts
d) UFO's

WHat was the name of the leader in Guinea who fought against the French for 15 years?
a) George Washington
b) Mr. M
c) Samory Toure
d) Fransisco Cordero

In 1892, what did the king in northern Ghana sign with Great Britian?
a) A peace treaty
b) A alliance
c) A constitution
d) A free trade agreement

What was the name of the people in southern Africa who defeated the British in 1879 but were later defeated by the British?
a) South Africans
b) Zulu
c) Egyptians
d) Ethiopians

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