CELLS 2 Question Preview (ID: 7360)

Cells Section 2.

What does the cell membrane do?
a) Acts as a barrier between the inside of the cell and its environment
b) The gel-like fluid inside of the cell
c) Allow nutrients to pass through into the cell
d) Both A and C

Which of these is the structures that enable the cell to live, grow, and reproduce?
a) Ctyoplasm
b) Organelles
c) Cell membrane
d) None of the above

The Gel-like material that is inside of the cell is known as?
a) The cytoplasm
b) organelles
c) Cell membrane
d) Nucleus

What is the nucleus?
a) The Part of the cell that allows material to pass into the cell
b) A membrane covered organelle that holds the cells DNA
c) The gel-like substance in a cell
d) None of the above

Cellls that do not have a nucleus are called?
a) Eukaryotic cells
b) organelles
c) Prokaryotic cells
d) None of the above

Cells that have a nucleus are called?
a) Prokaryotic cells
b) Eukaryotic cells
c) Cell membranes
d) Cytoplasm

What are prokaryotic cells also known as?
a) eukaryotic cells
b) Winnie the pooh
c) Bacteria
d) Mr. M

Which type of cell carries the most DNA?
a) Eukaryotic
b) Prokaryotic
c) Bacteria
d) NONE of the above

Who was the scientist that first discovered cells?
a) Hooke
b) Shleiden
c) Schwann
d) Mr. M

Which of these is part of CELL THEORY?
a) All organisms are composed of one or more cells
b) The cell is the basic unit of life in all living things
c) All cells come from existing cells
d) All of the above

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