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Are these the three main parts of the muscular system, cardiac, smooth, and skeletal?
a) True
d) False

What muscle is attached to the bone?
a) Cardiac
c) Smooth
d) Skeletal

What does the smooth muscle do?
a) Pumps blood through your body
b) Helps you see
c) moves food through your digestive track
d) Helps the movement of your body

What is NOT one of the ways your muscular system works together?
a) Converting chemical energy
b) Your nails growing
c) Lifting objects
d) Pumping blood

Vitamin D...
a) Intensifies allergies
b) Causes heart diseases
c) Reduces your risk of muscle weakness or pain
d) Increases risk of injury

Mytonic Muscular Dystrophy is..
a) The easiest to treat
b) Only in California
c) The most severe
d) Not a real disease

Immunosuppressants and physical therepy are both examples of...
a) Causes of muscular diseases
c) Diseases
d) Treatment options

Which is used to slow down muscluar degeneration?
a) Corticosteroids
b) Anticonvulsants
c) Antibiotics
d) Immunosuppressants

a) Make people gain weight
b) Damage cells
c) Help to prevent/cure respiratory infection
d) Control seizures

Muscles are composed of ______ % of water?
a) 60-70%
c) 45-58%
d) 30-85%

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