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The main function of genes is to-
a) control the production of proteins.
b) distribute genetic information along nitrogen bases.
c) determine which proteins to produce.
d) create nitrogen bases.

DNA is made up of _______. The order of these determines _______________.
a) nitrogen bases; which proteins will be produced.
b) hydrogen bases; which proteins will be produced.
c) amino acids; the number of nitrogen bases.
d) nitrogen bases; the number of proteins.

Three nitrogen bases equal one ____________. These line up to form __________.
a) hydrogen; proteins
b) amino acid; DNA
c) hydrogen; DNA
d) amino acid; proteins

____________ is how cells make proteins. It occurs on _______. From the ______ in the nucleus, a messenger carries the _______ from the nucleus to the ribosomes.
a) Protein synthesis;nucleus;ribosomes;genetic code
b) Protein synthesis;ribosomes;chromosomes;genetic code
c) Genetic code;ribosomes;nucleus;protein synthesis
d) Genetic code;chromosomes;ribosomes;nucleus

______ is the genetic messenger that carries information from the DNA in the nucleus to the ribosomes.
a) tDNA
b) mDNA
c) RNA
d) RAN

The differences between RNA and DNA is-
a) All of these.
b) RNA is only one side of the ladder.
c) nitrogen base uracil is used instead of thymine.
d) sugar is ribose instead of deoxyribose

____________ copies DNA and leaves the nucleus, while ___________ carries amino acids and adds them together.
a) Transfer RNA (tRNA); messenger RNA (mRNA)
b) Messenger RNA (mRNA); transfer RNA (tRNA)
c) Messenger RNA (mRNA); transfer DNA (tDNA)
d) Transfer RNA (tDNA); messenger DNA (mRNA)

A mutation is ____________. A mutation can cause a different ________ to be produced and change its characteristics.
a) any change that occurs in a gene or chromosome;amino acid
b) any change that occurs in a gene or chromosome;protein
c) the order of how chromosomes are paired;protein
d) the order of how chromosomes are paired;amino acid

Types of mutations can happen_________. In a ______ cell, it will only affect that cell. In a ______ cell, it can be passed to offspring.
a) 1) when the wrong base is present in DNA during replication;body;reproductive
b) 2) when the chromosomes separate improperly during meiosis;body;reproductive.
c) both 1) and 2) ; reproductive; body.
d) both 1) and 2) ; body; reproductive.

Effects of mutation can be __(white buffalo in wild, diseases in humans) by affecting survival or reproduction, or ___(bacteria resistant to antibiotics) by improving chances for survival
a) helpful; harmful
b) harmful; helpful
c) avoided; increased
d) None of these.

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