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The year Gregor Mendel began experimenting was
a) 1771
b) None of these
c) 1581
d) 1851

Known as the father of genetics
a) Paul Mason
b) Charles Darwin
c) Gregor Mendel
d) Henry VII

Mendel experimented with pea plants to understand heredity, which is
a) the passing of traits or physical characteristics from parents to offspring
b) the passing of traditions
c) how we communicate from generation to generation
d) to know how tall or short a certain plant can be

Mendel studied pea plants because -
a) they were easy to study since they only show two possible traits (tall or short)
b) they produced a large number of offspring per generation
c) he could control the traits by cross-pollinating or genetically placing them together
d) all of these

He began his first experiment with two____________ plants, their genotypes being________
a) heterozygous; Tt and tt
b) purebred; TT and tt
c) homozygous; TT and Tt
d) purebred; Tt and Tt

The other traits Mendel studied were-
a) seed shape (sphere/wrinkled) and seed color (yellow/green)
b) pod shape (inflated/constricted) and pod color (green/yellow)
c) flower color(purple/white),flower position(arial/terminal) and stem height(tall/dwarf)
d) all of these

Factors that control traits and exist in pairs are called ___________. Each parent contributes one ____________.
a) genes; allele
b) hybrid; cells
c) chromosomes; phenotype
d) genotypes; allele

______ alleles always show themselves and use ______ letter, but ______ alleles only show if two of the same are present and use ______ letter.
a) recessive, capital; dominant, lowercase
b) phenotype, hybrid; genotype, purebred
c) dominant, capital; recessive, lowercase
d) homozygous, capital; heterozygous, hybrid

In pea plants:
a) tall is a dominant allele and short is a recessive allele
b) if a plant is TT (tall tall) =tall; if Tt (tall short) = tall; if tt (short short) = short
c) All of these
d) None of these

A ________ plant has two capital or lowercase letters (TT or tt). A ______ has a capital and a lowercase letter (Tt).
a) purebred; hybrid
b) hybrid; purebred
c) genotype; hybrid
d) homozygous; heterozygous

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