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Elements that are lined up horizontally on the periodic table are called
a) Periods
b) Friends
c) Families
d) Groups

Elements that are lined up vertically on the periodic table are called
a) Periods
b) Enemies
c) Friends
d) Groups

Nitrogen will chemically react just like what other element?
a) Phosphorus
b) Silicon
c) Oxygen
d) Carbon

Elements in period 3 are all similar in that they all have
a) 3 electron rings
b) 3 electrons on their outer ring
c) 3 types of bonds
d) 3 valence electrons

Elements in group 2, the alkaline earth metals, all are similar in that they
a) have 2 valence electrons
b) have 2 energy levels
c) have 2 types of bonds
d) have 2 energy levels

The elements in group 18 are called the noble gases because they don't react with other elements. A term that can be used to describe unreactive is
a) inert
b) abort
c) intern
d) italic

An element's chemical reactivity with other elements depends on that atom's
a) valence electrons
b) protons
c) neutrons
d) gluons

An element located in period 3, group 2 will have a Bohr model that shows
a) 3 rings and 2 valence electrons
b) 2 rings and 3 valence electrons
c) 1 ring and 1 valence electron
d) 2 rings and 2 valence electrons

The element that has 3 rings and 6 valence electrons is
a) Sulfur
b) Oxygen
c) Fluorine
d) Neon

Which of the following is a noble gas?
a) Argon
b) Sodium
c) Phosphorus
d) Iodine

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