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First plan of government that the colonies agreed upon
a) the Constitution
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Mayflower Compact

Father of the Constitution
a) James Madison
b) George Washington
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Jonathan dayton

last state to ratify the Constitution
a) Delaware
b) New York
c) North Carolina
d) Rhode Island

which of the following terms mean a list of specific powers to be exercised by the Federal Government
a) separation of powers
b) implied powers
c) enumerated powers
d) elastic clause powers

How many amendments are in the Bill of Rights
a) 9
b) 27
c) 5
d) 10

passes the laws
a) legislative branch
b) executive branch
c) judicial branch
d) all three branches of government

led the fight for separation of church and state in Massachusetts
a) Alexis de Tocqueville
b) Patrick Henry
c) Isaac Backus
d) John Leland

published Democracy in America
a) Alexis de Tocqueville
b) Patrick Henry
c) Isaac Backus
d) John Leland

The colony that set the outstanding example for religious freedom n early America
a) North Carolina
b) New York
c) Rhode Island
d) Virginia

What is known as the supreme law of the land
a) Office of the President
b) Congress
c) Supreme Court
d) Constitution

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