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Which of these is the definition of dynasty?
a) A family line of rulers that passes power from one generation to the next
b) A sports team
c) A leader of a country
d) A monarchy

Which of these is the title of the person who ruled Ancient Egypt completely?
a) King
b) Emperor
c) President
d) Pharoah

What was the name of the Egyptian writing symbol?
a) English
b) African
c) Heiroglyphics
d) Spanish

What is the name of the paperlike material that the Egyptians used to write on?
a) Paper
b) Winnie the pooh
c) Papyrus
d) bamboo

A stone that was discovered by a French soldier that allowed scholars to translate the Egyptian Heiroglyphics
a) Sword in the stone
b) Rhinestone
c) Limestone
d) Rossetta Stone

What are the tombs called that were built for Pharoahs over 4000 years ago?
a) Tombstones
b) graves
c) Mansions
d) Pyramids

What is the name of the sculptures built by the Egyptians that had a lion's body and a human head?
a) Gargoyles
b) Thinking man
c) Lionheart
d) Sphinxes

What did the Egyptians do with their dead rulers since they believed the body is needed in the afterlife
a) Mumify them
b) Burn them
c) Throw them in the Nile river
d) Place them on top of a mountain

Where did the sphinxes stand gaurd?
a) In front of the palace
b) In front of the Pyramids
c) In front of the temples
d) In front of the pyramids and the temples

What major landmark did the great ancient Egyptian Kingdoms develop?
a) The Nile River
b) The island of Madagascar
c) South Africa
d) on a mountain range

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